Driving AI-Enabled Data-To-Insights Journey…

Providing Insights Into
Key Hospital Operations...

Providing Insights Into Key Hospital Operations...

We offer an end-to-end Performance Management Solution to obtain an enterprise-level view on critical hospital operations. If your hospital is juggling between legacy systems and struggling to make data interact between multiple silos, we can help you!

We provide easy connectivity with all enterprise data systems and create a unified operational data model. This facilitates real-time insights on all critical performance metrics and can bring down operational costs by 30%.


Our turnkey solution comes pre-integrated with 500+ KPIs, spanning across all critical areas, thus providing real-time visibility across key operations. Our low-noise and low-footprint solution is highly customizable to suit your enterprise needs, and can drive tangible value in less than 45 days!

PerformRxTM can help you:

  • Achieve better outcomes, improved bottom-line, and enhanced employee morale
  • Gain real-time visibility into key drivers of cost, performance, and credibility
  • Obtain predictive insights for better planning, staffing, and enhanced quality of care
  • Improve patient satisfaction through data-driven and patient-centric decision making

Admissions and Re-Admission Trends

Bed Utilization Pattern Analysis

Patient Outcome Prediction

Staffing and Scheduling

Inventory Management of Supplies

Patient Satisfaction Analysis